Year 3/4

Digital Technologies

WELCOME TO 3/4G and 3/4M!

After an exciting Term 3 full of many extra-curricular activities we are glad to be back for a jam packed final term of 2017.


It’s been extremely exciting to hear all the wonderful stories about the student’s holidays, however we are eager to make the most of our final learning opportunities for 2017.

Term 4 is filled with many new challenges for the students, but as always they are ready to jump into the unknown, actively participate, be brave and celebrate their mistakes. Term 4 is a time where we can reflect on the positive year we’ve had as a 3/4 cohort and share our experiences and journey’s along the way. It has been an exceptional year and we look forward to finishing it off with flying colours!

This term, students are exploring the definition of a ’value’ and how through time, effort and persistence a value can become a ‘virtue’.

Values are defined as: ideals, inspirations and good intentions residing in the mind. Some examples are: compassion, friendliness, good manners, humility, persistence and respect.

Virtues are defined as: Habits of action. They are the entrenched and often repeated actions that become the defining core of our character.


A reminder: if you would like to learn/explore how the 'Play Is The Way’ program can be integrated at home, check out the website below or talk to your child’s teacher:

We would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sharon and Rodney who came and assisted us on the Grade 3 and Grade 4 camps. Your help was invaluable and the students really appreciated your support and involvement. Thank you!

Another thank you to all of our wonderful parent helpers that have helped out with our Open Learning program. Your dedication and support is extremely helpful and the students have shown great progress with their Mathematics knowledge, skills and understanding. Thank you!

List of dates to remember:

Friday 1st December  Transition 10am – 11am 

Tuesday 12th December – Orientation Day 9:30am – 1:20pm

Wednesday 13th December – End Of Year Event

Friday 15th December – Transition 10am – 11am

Tuesday 19th December – Class Party

Friday 22nd December – Last Day of Term 4, students dismissed at 1:30pm

From the 3/4 team, wishing for a groovy term ahead.

- Miss Greenaway & Mr Mason