Year 2/3



Welcome to 2/3




Wow! Who can believe that we are well into Term 2 already. The year is certainly moving along so quickly. At the end of Term 1 we said goodbye to Miss Thompson and have welcomed Mrs Renshaw into our team, replacing Miss Greenaway, who still remains on Sick Leave. We wish her all the best and look forward to having her back when she is well.

We are thoroughly enjoying developing more of our Digital Technology skills. On a Friday, the 2/3 students get to practice their Coding skills by using Edison Robots, Dash & Dots, iPads and Laptops. Throughout the week children have regular use of iPads and Laptops to complete testing, publish work as well as important skills such as how to save and locate work in files.

We have participated in a First Aid Incursion and have the Dental Van visiting in week 3. Throughout the term we have Koori Educators coming to speak to the children and engage them in Koori Art. There is also the District Cross Country coming up in May for the students who progressed through.

For Year 3 students in Week 5 we have the NAPLAN testing week. These test cover the sorts of skills that are essential for every child through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and grammar and numeracy. Please speak to a staff member if you have any concerns, we have been explaining to children what to expect so that they treat these tests like any others.

As a whole school we have been using Seesaw in our classes to develop a Digital Portfolio of the children’s learning. The children are quite excited and enjoying sharing their work electronically. We also find it great to record their conversations or their thinking behind their answers to maths questions or scientific reasoning.

Our Specialist program has continued, your child has Art, P.E and Chinese on the following days.






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Reminders and Notices for Term 2:

* Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea – 2pm Thursday 10th May


* Homework – a reminder that all Year 3 students should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes a week and Year 2 students should be reading 3 times a week. Diaries need to be signed each time reading occurs and remain in bags to enable regular contact between parents and teachers. This term, the Year 3 homework focus is on spelling.

* Parent Teacher Interviews / Student Lead Conferences – Tuesday 26th June


Please contact the school to arrange a meeting with any of the 2/3 staff should you have any queries or concerns as the year progresses.

From your 2/3 Team

Mrs. Feher, Mrs. Wendt, Mr. Mason, Mrs. Renshaw & Miss. Greenaway