Our Vision

Our Purpose

To equip the school with the best human and physical resources to maximise the opportunities for students to achieve excellence
Our purpose is supported by the following mission:
For our students
To provide the opportunity for all students to achieve their full educational and personal potential
For our staff
To provide opportunities for staff development through ongoing professional growth in a supportive, harmonious and challenging environment
For our community
To provide an environment for learning that reflects and supports our community's goals and values


Our Values

Our values are based on our desire to nurture an environment based on:
The development of positive relationships between all members of the school and wider community, and,
The pursuit of excellence with an emphasis on persistence in effort and achieving personal best.
Our five major school values are:

1. Respect
Each person responds sensitively to the ideas, thoughts and needs of others without dismissing or degrading them. Differences are acknowledged, and all members of the school are able to accept both praise and criticism

2. Responsibility
Each person tries hard to complete the tasks that have been accepted or assigned to the best of their ability. We are all accountable for our behaviour,

3. Honesty
Each person carries out their responsibilities carefully. Staff, parents and students share their ideas openly, in a climate of trust,

4. Persistence
Each person is to approach tasks willingly and with the determination to succeed. It does matter that a task is completed once it is begun.

5. Excellence
Each person strives to attain excellence in whatever they set out to achieve.