Art Photos


TERM 2   2018

Term One has been a productive one in the Art Room. Our students have reason to feel proud of the colourful and creative items they have produced.

The Year Five and Six students have been learning about different elements in Art. They have also learned about some famous Australian artists and the Heidelberg School.

The Year Four students have been learning about primary and secondary colours. They have been mixing paints to create different colours. The students were also introduced to Art styles of indigenous culture. In Term Two they will be doing a unit of work on Textiles. The major project will involve sewing different materials, beads and buttons.

The Year Two and Three have been learning about some different aspects of drawing, such as detailed family portrait pictures with an interesting background and drawing a cityscape picture based on a story called, ‘Mr Huff.’ In Term Two the students will cover the Art elements of Collage and Printing where they will use different materials to create interesting pieces of work.  

Our Prep and Year One students have completed a variety of activities which have involved using different materials, the correct use of scissors and brushes, and experimenting with colour. The range of activities planned for Term Two will reinforce the skills which they have been working on.

In Term Two the Year Five and Six students will be involved in a unit on Construction. Their major project will involve designing, drawing and creating an imaginative creature using bottles, card and plaster. In their theory time they will continue to be introduced to different well known artists and look at their famous work.

Our school is involved in a community project learning about Indigenous Art and culture of the area. A major piece of Art is being planned. Our children will be involved and will be assisted by local artist Marie Evan who has much experience working with children in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. NNG Kinder and St James PS are also involved in the community project.

In Term One six children from Year Three were involved in our Art Extension Program. They designed, drew and then created helmet shaped masks using balloons covered in plaster stripping. Photos were taken along the way and the children kept a visual diary of their journey. They also created a self-assessment rubrics chart as part of their learning. The artwork looked bright and dazzling. Six students from Year Six will be invited to participate in the program in Term Two. Make believe fairy and goblin creatures will be designed, drawn then made using a molding paper product around a small timber mannequin.

There is to be an Art Show in Term Three showcasing the creative talents of our children. Many items of work are being collected ready for this display, therefore fewer items are coming home at the moment.

Remember, our Art Room has an open door policy. Call in if you would like to observe or assist the students whilst they are involved in their creative exploits.

Sally Fay and Rodney Wyatt