Term 3 is set to see some fantastic projects completed in the Art Room.

The Grade 5/6 students will complete their ‘gruesome face’ constructions made out of plaster. Details will be added to make their model faces look as ugly as possible. The students will then move on to a unit on Painting and Colour. They will be looking at Pop Art and learning about artists in this field including Warhol, Lichtenstein and Hockey.

The Grade 3/4 students will be involved in a unit on Textiles. Their major project will be to create a hand puppet using threads, felt, buttons and other decorative items. These puppets can then be used in the Literacy program in class.

Students in Grade 1/2 will be involved in a unit on Painting and mixing colours. They will be looking at Primary and Secondary colours, and will experiment with different ways to apply paint. The latter part of the term will see the students involved in a Construction project. 

Our Prep children are involved in numerous activities to enhance their general fine motor skills. The activities planned coincide with with the topics in their Literacy program. They have enjoyed constructing cardboard and paper piggies relating to their Three Little Pigs theme.

Last term the Art Extension students were from Grade 6. They planned and began the Mosaic Hopscotch for the new Passive Playground. The six completed tiles look very colourful.  This term a group of Grade 5 children will complete the final six tiles. We look forward to seeing them in the ground.

The Art Room doors are always open to visitors who may like to see the children at their creative best. They have reason to feel proud of the art which they create.