TERM 4 2018

Term Three has been a busy term for us in the Art Room. It was great to see so many of our wider school community attend our Art Show held at the end of the term. The Art work of our students adorned our multi purpose room, students shared their work with their families, some painted on the painting table, PAFA mums provided great sausages and it was a pleasant, sunny evening.

In Term Three the students of Years 5 and 6 completed a unit on Construction. They designed and planned a model of a mythical creature by morphing two known animals together. The models were varied and very colourful. The students also completed a unit on Cartooning and completed some excellent drawings and caricatures. Term Four will be the Textiles Term. Year 6 students will design and create their graduation pillows and Year 5 students will create their soft ‘Dammit Dolls’. The students have been exposed to a variety of artists in Theory time to enhance their knowledge. Term 4 will see Da Vinci, Dali, Pro Hart and Mondrian being the focus.

The Year 4 students have completed a unit on Textiles. They created some colourful wriggly creatures sewing items on tubular netting which they also coloured with inks. This year level also had a focus on drawing this term. They were encouraged to look at light and shadowing when drawing still life sketches. They also learned about the dimensions of faces when drawing people. Painting and Printing will become the focus for Term 4.

The 2/3 cohort of students have completed activities in Printing, Painting and Weaving. In Term Four they will be completing activities relating to Construction and Modelling. The Construction activity will involve a design brief related to the object they are constructing. Modelling will involve the use of non fire clay.

The Prep and Year 1 students have been involved in activities which focus on the main art elements, for example Colour, Texture, Line and Pattern. Term Four program will provide opportunity for them to enhance their developing skills. They will also be completing a Unit on Construction.

Six Year 5 students have been part of the Art Extension Program. Using a gridding format, they have enlarged a copy of the famous painting by Edvard Munch called ‘The Scream’. They have had to match colours and lines to make the project work so have had to work collaboratively. They developed a Rubricks chart for their self assessment and also kept a group diary up to date. Where possible they also loaded photographs of their work on Seesaw to be able to share their work as they went along.

The doors of the Art room are always open if you would like to take the time to see the students at their artistic and creative best.


Remember, our Art Room has an open door policy. Call in if you would like to observe or assist the students whilst they are involved in their creative exploits.


Sally Fay and Rodney Wyatt