Art Photos



Term 3


It is pleasing to see the students proud of their achievements in the Art Room. Many of their creations have been photographed for their ‘seesaw’ folios.


The Year 5 and 6 students have completed some terrific paper collage items. Their focus was looking at the effect of light and shadow.


They moved on to a unit on Construction. The students have each designed, drawn and constructed an imaginary animal created by combining two known creatures. The constructions were plastered and will be ready for colour and completion in Term 3.


Term 3 will also see the Year 5 and 6 students move on to a unit on Cartooning. They will look at different styles and then create their own characters.


The major project for the Year 4 students has been creating little woven people using card as a loom and wool to weave with. All the characters looked quite different.


The students also created some fantastic copies of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh using oil pastels.


In Term 3 the Year 4 students will continue to use their skills with Textiles. Their major project will be constructing a decorative stuffed caterpillar. They will then move to a drawing focus and learn the basics of perspective and the effects of shading.


The Prep and Year 1 students have completed a variety of activities which have involved using different materials, the correct usage of scissors and brushes and experimenting with colour. The activities planned for Term 3 will reinforce these skills.


The students from Years 2 and 3 had a very successful second term. Each student completed a number of collage and painting activities some of which were related to classroom programs. We are looking forward to Term 3 where the focus will be completing Printing and Construction projects using a variety of materials. (Rod Wyatt)


The upper grades have been involved in discussion time learning about artists including Van Gogh, Jasper Johns, and Dali.


The Term 3 Art Extension children were from Year 6. They used a paper clay modelling product and created fantastic colourful mythical caricatures. The students were also involved in a self assessment procedure. Term 3 will see a group of Year 5 students recreating and enlarging iconic paintings using oil pastels.

Remember, our Art Room has an open door policy. Call in if you would like to observe or assist the students whilst they are involved in their creative exploits.

Sally Fay and Rodney Wyatt